Dear Sir or Madam:

I am so pleased to learn that you have been trained in Collaborative Law and intend to use this model to assist spouses dissolve their partnerships in a less adversarial way by taking the big contest off the table at the outset of negotiations.  This is an enormous benefit to people who are already too often at the end of the rope with each other.

Both as a Family and Divorce Mediator and Marriage and Family Therapist I welcome the opportunity to refer clients to collaborative lawyers and I would like to list you as a referral source for my clients that would be appropriate for you to represent.

In a personal professional level I am excited to see long held vision starting to take shape where professionals from a number of different disciplines work collaboratively to assist parties move through a very difficult transition while protecting as much as possible the integrity of the family.  This is long over due, especially in New York.  Thank you for your insight, dedication and willingness to forge forward in this new area of legal practice.

For over 23 years I have been practicing as a Mediator and 35 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  The things I do best is help parents work out mutually acceptable parenting plans to be incorporated into Legal Separation agreements.  If I can be of any assistance in this area I would be pleased to lend a hand as you and the other attorney manage the case.  I view my contribution as possible sub-contractor in the area of family transitions and reorganization.  This can be very important two reasons:  First, it will promote the efforts to make a suitable arrangement for all family members, and secondly, it will lay the ground work for the unanticipated complications that come down the road when our clients take on new partners, usually with additional children.  A satisfactory Parenting Plan that will include an emotional closure will go a long way to assuage future difficulties, most of which our clients are not remotely aware.  Additionally, my clinical skills can be applied to assist your clients handle themselves when they are so distressed by the current predicament to which they are turning to you to resolve.  I can be helpful in assisting your clients become more emotionally stable while you take them through the stress of making an agreement.

Finally, let me take a moment to remind you of the Children 1st Program available in our Community under the auspice of CONTACT Community Services.  This is an invaluable resource for all separating parents regardless of marital status.  The purpose of these classes is to assist parents by teaching them skills to keep their children from being unnecessarily harmed by the separation process.  It is a 6-hour course certified by the Office of Court Administration and costing only $65.  Please consider referring your clients to these classes.  They will be very grateful that you did.

Thank you for your time to read this letter and for your interest in serving separating partners.