Ron’s approach to counseling and mediation is very fluid. The course of your experience will be tailored to meet your very unique needs. Ron uses various disciplines and techniques to faciliate communication as a neutral, impartial professional.

Counseling & Therapy

Individual Therapy Focuses on what we might call “the perceived self”, as well as internal emotional conflicts that often result is a sense of depression, anxiety or compulsive behaviors. These are often triggered by loss, such as divorce, death or the loss of health, loss of employment, and loss of the realization of dreams and goals.


Couples Therapy Uses the interactional dynamics of the couple to reveal and treat personal dysfunction that perpetuates what appears to be irreconcilable and chronic interpersonal issues.


Marriage Counseling Examines patterns of conflict and interactional dysfunction typically around specific issues: sex, money, child rearing, social activities, family of origin issues (the in-laws), religion and differences in value and priorities.


Divorce & Family Mediation

Divorce Mediation With the help of a mediator, work with your spouse to end your marriage as amicably and as cost effectively as possible.
Post Decree, Pre-nuptial amd Post-nuptial Agreements
Parenting Plan: Creating parenting plans to be included in a legal separation, temporary arrangements due to the cessation of cohabitation, or making revisions to existing plans.


Family Mediation Provides a non-confrontational, dispute resolution mechanism for families in crisis.
Parent Advisory Service: Preparing a parenting plan to be incorporated into a court-based, stipulated legal separation/divorce decree.
Parent/Adolescent Mediation: Resolving issues that arise as teenagers develop their own value systems.
Step Family Mediation: Resolving the myriad entanglements of divided loyalties that permeate normal step-family life.
Intergenerational Mediation: Making plans to care for aging or ill parents; estate planning with parents and siblings; estate administration in choosing Executor/Executrix, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, etc.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law Facilitation Participation with a professional team of two lawyers and one mental health facilitator, as well as other identified allied professionals, to promote a mutually acceptable legal separation and divorce without going to court.

Collaborative Marriage Planning Looking at real life beyond the wedding: finances, child-rearing, extended family relationships, assessing value differences, standard of living goals; problem-solving/communication issues, and conflict resolution skills.

Collaborative Estate Planning/Administration Using a team of professionals to do estate planning including last will and testaments, establishing powers of attorney and executor/executrix, and living wills and healthcare proxies. Efforts are made to coordinate the wishes of the parents with the interestes of prospective heirs and beneficiaries. All necessary legal documents will also be prepared.

Workshops & Presentations

Anatomy of an Intimate Relationship An extension of the material presented in the book co-authored by Ron and Mary Ann Massey, LOVEWORKS: Coming To Terms with Intimacy and Equality. (Equality as experienced by the typical contemporary intimate partnership/marriage.) The program can be structured as one long day seminar or several evening seminars back-to-back. The “Anatomy of an Intimate Relationship” program can be modified to meet the needs of any sponsoring organization.

What’s In Your Vows? A closer look at the definition of “marriage” and clarifying the expectations each spouse brings to the “committed relationship.”

For Love and Money Looks at the various methods to manage money within the context of marriage, civil union, or committed partnerships.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Intimate Relationships Looks at techniques for dealing with interpersonal conflicts when the relationship needs to be preserved.

Parenting Plans for Separating Parents Through the use of examples, demonstrate how to minimize the negative impacts on children when parents no longer cohabit.

Special Requests Ron Heilmann is available at any time for specialized programs to be arranged upon request. Any topics related to therapy, mediation, men’s and women’s issues, family matters and children will be created to meet the needs of any organization.

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